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SybaTek has a unique approach to our client’s communications needs.* Rather than starting with a discussion about products or systems, we start with our client’s Use Case or Business Case. This discussion allows us to determine WHY a firm or agency wants or needs AV systems. Only when we have a full and clear understanding of the client’s motivation can we respond with the most appropriate systems which will fulfill not just our idea of good functionality, but will indeed address the full gamut of our client’s needs.

When an AV designer or sales representative approaches an opportunity with a product orientation it is far too easy to “miss the point”. Our team asks questions which bring up ideas and concepts as well as potential limitations in order to gain insight into the big picture. Yes, this process may take more time and energy on our part as well as on the part of our clients, but our experience has shown that the fruit of this process is systems which are so satisfying to our clients that the first encounter turns into long term relationships.

Look at it this way: our initial investment is higher than average. In order for us to have a good return on that investment we seek to have long term relationships with our clients. This means that it is critical for us to execute beyond expectations, to be responsive to minor needs long after the system is up and running, and to diligently maintain communication with our clients. We have developed processes which gives us the assurance that we can meet these high expectations. We also depend on delighted customers to refer us to others. We know that no one recommends a mediocre business. Only great firms get referrals.

At SybaTek, we know how to deliver great AV systems. We look forward to sharing that experience with you.

*(In today’s world, AV or Audiovisual spans many concepts and functionalities; traditional AV, Collaboration Systems, Videoconferencing, Telemedicine, Networked AV, Telephony and more.)