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Free Introductory Offer

AV systems of all types give best results when they receive periodic checkups, cleaning and maintenance. Think of this as an “oil and filter change” on your car. The best ROI for you is achieved when your AV systems provide optimum, reliable communications tools for your staff. Just as with your automobile fleet or other investments you make, AV systems don’t provide the utility you paid for if they are not properly maintained.

A "well-dressed" equipment rack

As a way of introducing you to SybaTek, we are offering a visit to your office to:

  • Check lamp life on projectors if applicable
  • Inspect filters on projectors and clean if applicable
  • Document projected system contrast ratio if applicable
  • Document screen size and LFV ratio
  • Document ambient noise
  • Exercise all functions
    • Does the control panel work with all devices
    • Is the control panel correctly registered
  • Inspect wire terminations
  • Document connectivity types (analog, digital, wireless)

Our engineer will perform these services and provide a written report which outlines our  findings and recommendations if any.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please call 562.735.5100 or email

The fine print: SybaTek does not intend to interfere with any existing system warranties; therefore, if your systems are currently under some form of system warranty (other than manufacturer warranties on specific items), please inform our engineer. This FREE offer is limited to a two hour visit at your site. If you have more extensive systems that cannot be reviewed in this amount of time, we will be happy to give an estimate for a complete review at the same time or during a separate visit.

Additional Services

  • Acoustical remediation
  • Repair Services
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Remote Management